The McMaster Museum of Art

Primary media Sorted AscendingName Nationality Date
Media File(after) DE HEEM
Media FileAttributed to DOU, GerritDutchDutch, 1613-1675
Media FileAttributed to DURER, AlbrechtGermanGerman, 1471 - 1528
Media FileDAINARD, WilliamCanadianCanadian
Media FileDALEY, CathyCanadianCanadian, born 1955
Media FileDALTON, Ernest AlfredCanadian, born EnglandCanadian, born England, 1887 - 1963
Media FileDAMME, Joan vanCanadianCanadian, born 1936
Media FileD'ARCY, CatherineEnglishEnglish (unknown dates)
Media FileDAUMIER, HonoréFrenchFrench, 1808-1879
Media FileDAVIE, AlanScottishScottish, 1920 - 2014