The McMaster Museum of Art

Primary media Sorted AscendingName Nationality Date
Media FileCroindene Press, London, England
Media FileCROW, JobieInuit, Umiujaq, QuebecInuit, Umiujaq, Quebec, born 1944
Media FileCRUIKSHANK, GeorgeEnglishEnglish, 1792-1878
Media FileCRUIKSHANK, Isaac RobertEnglishEnglish, 1764 - 1811
Media FileCUCCHI, EnzoItalianItalian, born 1949
Media FileCUEVAS, Jose LuisMexicanMexican, 1934 - 2017
Media FileCUITT II, GeorgeEnglishEnglish, 1779-1854
Media FileCUNEGO, DomenicoItalianItalian, 1727-1794
Media FileCURNOE, GregCanadianCanadian, 1936-1992
Media FileCURRIE, KenScottishScottish, born 1960