The McMaster Museum of Art

Primary media Name Nationality Date
Media FileArts & Metiers Graphiques
Media FileASHEVAK, ArnaquInuit, b. near Cape DorsetInuit, b. near Cape Dorset, 1956 - d. Iqaluit, Nunavut, 2009
Media FileASHEVAK, JohnnieboInuit, Cape DorsetInuit, Cape Dorset, 1923 - 1972
ASHEVAK, KenojuakInuit; b. Ikirasaq, Northwest TerritoriesInuit; b. Ikirasaq, Northwest Territories, 1927 - d. Cape Dorset, 2013
Media FileASHKEWE, DelOjibwayOjibway, born 1947
Media FileASHOONA, KakaInuit, b. Ikirasak, NunavutInuit, b. Ikirasak, Nunavut, 1928 - d. Cape Dorset, 1996
Media FileASHOONA, Kiawak (Kiugak)Inuit, b. Tariugajak, NunavutInuit, b. Tariugajak, Nunavut, 1933 - d. Cape Dorset, 2014
Media FileASHOONA, Mary KoomwartokInuit; Iqaluit, NunavutInuit; Iqaluit, Nunavut, born 1938
Media FileASHOONA, MayureakInuit, b. Saturituk, Northwest TerritorieInuit, b. Saturituk, Northwest Territories, 1946
Media FileASHOONA, OttochieInuit, Cape DorsetInuit, Cape Dorset, 1942 - 1970