The McMaster Museum of Art

Primary media Name Nationality Date
Media FileAnnely Juda, London
Media FileANNESLEY, DavidEnglishEnglish, born 1936
Media FileANOGAK, Mary IrqajuInuit, Salluit, QuebecInuit, Salluit, Quebec, born 1948
Media FileANONYMOUS Japanese SchoolJapanese
Media FileANONYMOUS, (English School)
Media FileANONYMOUS, (Meigi?)
Media FileAOUDLA PeeInuitInuit, born 1920
Media FileAPPEL, KarelDutchDutch, 1921-2006
Media FileAPPIAN, Jacques Barthélemy AdolpheFrenchFrench, 1818-1898
Media FileAQIGAAQ, MathewInuit, b. near Kazan Falls, NunavutInuit, b. near Kazan Falls, Nunavut, 1940