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    HEYWOOD, J. Carl
    Date: Canadian, born 1941
    Born in Toronto Canada, 1941
    Grew up in Chesley, Hanover and Galt Ontario

    Ontario College of Art (Drawing and Painting), AOCA 1963
    1963-64 Travels in North Africa and Middle East
    1964-66 Landscape and Figure Painting in Sheffield and Orillia Ontario
    1966-67 High School Art Teacher, Belleville Ontario
    1967-69 Lives in Paris, France. Works at Atelier 17 with S.W. Hayter
    1969-70 High School Art Teacher, Cornwall Ontario
    1970-71 Teaches Drawing and Printmaking at Sheridan College, Oakville Ontario
    1971-73 Lives and works in Paris, France. Publishes portfolio 'Pages from my Notebook'
    1973-74 Teaches at University of Guelph: Drawing, Composition, Printmaking
    Sheridan College, Brampton: Art Theory Studies
    1974-79 Appointed Assistant Professor, Queen's University at Kingston (Painting & Printmaking
    1975 Teaches summer course Nova Scotia College of Art: Colour & Printmaking
    1976 Canada Council Project Cost Grant for Vectography
    1977 Ontario Arts Council 'Experience' grant to train apprentice artist David Skuse (aka: Fastwürms)
    1977-78 Leave of Absence from Queen's for work in Photo-Lithography Canada Council Project Cost Grant for Colour Printmaking
    1978 Ontario Arts Council Experience Grants to train apprentice artists Janet Cardiff, Karen Dugas
    First travels in India and Nepal
    1979 Canada Council Travel Grant to British Print Biennal, England
    Travels in Egypt
    1979-86 Associate Professor of Printmaking, Queen's University at Kingston
    1984 "Red Niche",1983 (Etching/Screenprint), wins edition award at World Print Four, San Francisco
    Ontario Arts Council Experience Grant to train apprentice (Laura-Louise Legaré)
    Travels in India and Nepal
    'Beyond the Repeatable Image' Exhibition begins European Tour in London, Paris, Brussels, (J.C. Heywood, Otis Tamasauskas, Richard Sewell), sponsored by Visual Arts Ontario.
    Half leave from Queen's to study colour etching in Germany.
    Juror for Graphex 9, National Print Exhibition
    Braque Variations: Edition Commission by Toronto Dominion Bank
    Travels in Switzerland
    1985 Resident Printmaker at Peacock Printmakers, Aberdeen, Scotland
    Editioning at Kätelhön Printshop, Germany
    'Braque Variations' wins Ontario First Prize in Action/Impression Exhibition
    Major interview published in Printvoice magazine
    Travels in Scotland
    1986 Full Professorship in Printmaking at Queen's University at Kingston
    Study of Chine Collé in Tokyo, "Japan Collé" Portfolio
    Travels in Japan
    1987 Lecture to Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation Conference, Kitchener
    Outside Assessor for University of Windsor
    Article: The Best Contemporary Canadian Art, by Joan Murray
    Five group exhibitions, three solo exhibitions (Toronto, Winnipeg, Ottawa)
    Travels in Germany
    1988 to 1994
    Annual proofing session at ARG/Engramme Printshop, Quebec City
    Editioning at Presswerk Editions, Toronto (Etching)
    Juror for Paradigm Shifts, National Print Exhibition
    1989 Editioning at Kätelhön Printshop, Germany (Etching).
    Feature interview in Profile magazine.
    Five group exhibitions, three solo exhibitions (Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver).
    Travels in France and Tunisia
    1990 Juror for Ontario Arts Council "Aid to Artists" Grants.
    Outside Assessor for University of Alberta, and University of Windsor.
    Inside Assessor for Queen's University
    Article in: Print & Drawing Council Magazine
    Special print edition commissioned by Kamloops Art Gallery, B.C.
    Last editioning at Kätelhön Printshop, Germany
    Five group exhibitions, one solo exhibition (Calgary)
    Travels in Turkey
    1991 Move major medium from etching to screenprint
    Lecture tour in Western Canada, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, etc.
    Print used as cover for Business Quarterly (vol. 56, No. 3)
    Print used as cover for Queen's Compact Disc (20th Century Chamber Music)
    Editioning at Advanced Graphics, London, England (Screenprint)
    Three group exhibitions, one solo exhibition (Vancouver)
    Travels in Pakistan and England
    1992 Guest speaker at International Print Conference, Saskatoon
    Special print edition commissioned by Open Studio, Toronto
    Special print edition for S.N.A.P.,Edmonton
    Four group exhibitions. Solo exhibition: "Anxious Objects", Mira Godard, Toronto
    Travels in India
    1993 Ontario Arts Council Experience grant to train apprentice (Cheryl Snyder)
    Invited Artist Biennale du Dessin et de la Gravure d'Alma, Alma, Quebec
    Panelist at UAAC Conference, Windsor, Ontario
    Participates in 'Jaune Imprévu' Coffret Print Portfolio, Quebec City
    Five group exhibitions, two solo exhibitions (Montreal, Calgary)
    Travels in Morocco and Portugal
    1994 Quiltmaking Pilot Project in Quebec City
    Woodcut/Screenprint/Mylar Series, Quebec City and Kingston
    University Grant for Ultraviolet Ink Project, France
    Two lectures on printmaking, Quebec City
    Two solo print exhibitions, Quebec City and Ottawa
    Travels in Mexico
    1995 Ultraviolet Screenprint Pilot Project, Paris, France
    Further development of Ultraviolet Print Portfolio, Kingston and Paris.
    Three month Quilt project in India
    Lecture to Montreal Print Society
    Two solo exhibitions, Toronto and Kingston
    Travels in India
    1996 Sabbatical Leave to pursue Ultraviolet Screenprinting, Paris, France.
    Ten prints produced in Paris (eight months 1995/96).
    Publishes: "Interesting Pictures" Portfolio
    Work at Atelier Bellemare, Montreal, three months, six prints
    Lecture at Concordia University, Montreal
    Solo exhibition at Mira Godard, Toronto
    Bicycle travels in Italy
    1997 Work at Atelier Bellemare, Montreal (three months), eight prints. Publishes: "Busy Happy Life"
    Lecture to Conseil Québecois de l'Estampe, Montreal (in French)
    Canada Juror for Chamalières Print Triennale, France
    Speaker & Panelist at Edmonton Conference: 'SIGHTLINES: Printmaking and Image Culture'.
    Lecture at Université de Quebéc à Montréal
    Travels to Rome
    1998 Work at Atelier Bellemare, Montreal. Publishes: "Very Late Cubism" Series
    Invited Artist at Memorial University, Newfoundland
    Invited Artist at Mount Allison University, New Brunswick
    Juror for International Print Exhibition, Trois Rivières, Quebec
    Lecture to Montreal Print Society
    Lecture at National Gallery of Canada
    Solo Exhibition at Galerie J.C. Bergeron, Ottawa
    Five Group Exhibitions
    1999 Sabbatical Leave to pursue Large Format U.V. Screenprinting in Montreal,
    Stone Lithography in Paris and Giclée Printing. Thirteen Editions produced.
    Publishes: "Little French Suite"
    Solo Exhibition at Mira Godard, Toronto
    External Assessor for University of Alberta Graduate Program in Visual Art
    Canadian Juror for International Print Exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan
    4th Kochi International Triennial Exhibition of Prints, Japan
    Guest Lecture at Concordia University, Montreal
    Speaker at Print Conference, Trois Rivières, Québec
    Lecture at Atelier Circulaire, Montréal
    Travels in India
    Travels in Greece
    2000 Produces eight Editions at Atelier Bellemare, Montréal
    Publishes: "Petite Suite Schwitters"
    Solo Exhibition at Galerie J.C. Bergeron, Ottawa
    Solo Exhibition at Paul Kuhn Gallery, Calgary
    Visiting Artist at Nova Scotia College of Art, Halifax
    Visiting Artist at Boston Museum School
    Completes Donation of Life's Work to Bibliothèque Nationale du Québec
    Book: "Canadian Art in the Twentieth Century", Joan Murray (Illustration)
    Participates in "Edition du Millenaire", Trois Rivières, Québec
    Juror for Nova Scotia Print Society Exhibition
    National Gallery of Canada: "Made in Stone", Group Exhibition
    Y2K International Print Exhibition, Taiwan
    Bibliothèque Nationale du Québec, Group Exhibition
    Millenium Grafica 2000, Yokohama, Japan
    Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Kingston:" Canadian Made" Exhibition
    Travels in Cambodia and Thailand
    2001 Produces seven Screenprint Editions at Atelier Bellemare
    Produces two Giclée Editions, Montreal. First Published Giclée Edition: "Carrot, Colours & Coffee"
    Publishes: "Morning in Greece"
    2nd International Print Biennial, Trois Rivières, Qc., receives "PEOPLE'S CHOICE"Prize
    Boston Printmakers Exhibition 2001
    Solo exhibition at Galerie Bergeron, Ottawa
    Juror's Lecture, Nova Scotia Print Society, Wolfville, N.S.
    Travels in Islamic Spain
    2002 Produces seven Screenprint Editions at Atelier Bellemare (KV264-KV270)
    Produces two Giclée Editions, Montreal (KV262-KV263)
    Publishes: "The Great Carpe Diem"
    Solo Exhibition: "Carpe Diem" at Mira Godard Gallery, Toronto
    12th Space Print Biennial, Seoul
    Global Matrix, International Print Exhibition, Indiana
    Receives FSAP Award to develop Giclée Printmaking
    External Assessor (Faculty), Memorial University Nfld.
    Invited Lecturer, University of Saskatoon
    Travels in Sri Lanka
    2003 Produces seven Screenprint Editions at Atelier Bellemare (KV273-KV279)
    Produces two Giclée Editions, Montreal (KV271-KV272)
    Publishes "Leaving Abstraction"
    Produces "Flower & Rain" screenprint to support "Artists for Kids" program, Vancouver
    Solo Exhibition at Galerie Bergeron, Ottawa
    Solo Exhibition at Paul Kuhn Gallery, Calgary
    Biennale Internationale de Trois Rivières, Qc., (receives "PEOPLE'S CHOICE" Award for Best in Show for second time.)
    External Assessor (Faculty), University of Colorado
    'Great Carpe Diem' used for official municipal mousepad: Trois-Rivières, Québec
    Travels in Egypt

    2004 Produces eight Screenprint editions at Atelier Bellemare (KV280-287)
    Publishes 'A Study in Relationships'
    Kingston 1st Prize Kingston Award for Excellence in the Arts (Ex Aequo with Otis Tamasauskas)
    Invited Lecturer at University of Alberta, Edmonton, and Concordia University, Montreal
    Public Lecture for 'Artists for Kids' Vancouver BC
    3 Day Workshop North Vancouver School District Art Enrichment Program
    Walking travels in Tuscany, Italy
    2005 Produces eight Screenprint editions at Atelier Bellemare (KV288--295)
    Publishes 'A New Life'
    Solo Exhibition at Galerie J.C.Bergeron, Ottawa: 'A New Life'
    4th Biennale internationale d'estampe contemporaine, Trois-Rivières
    Establishes website
    Appointed to print jury for Bibliothèque Nationale du Québec
    'Personal Worlds in Public Prints: The Carl Heywood Collection' Article in UofA Museums Newsletter
    Assists Concordia University in setting up UV screenprint system.
    Guest speaker at Concordia University, Montreal
    No travels.
    2006 Produces seven Screenprint editions at Atelier Bellemare (KV296-302)
    Publishes 'Morning in the Studio'
    Solo Exhibition at Mira Godard Gallery, Toronto: 'A Busy Bountiful Life'
    International Print Triennial 2006, Krakow
    Retires from Queen's University at Kingston: Professor Emeritus
    Moves to Montreal
    Lectures at OCAD, and at Open Studio, Toronto
    KV233 and KV269 used as museum cards by University of Alberta Museums
    KV269 used as illustration in 'The Occupied World' (Poetry by Alice Major. UofA Press)
    Bicycle travels in India with Otis Tamasauskas
    Hiking travels in French Pyrenees.
    2007 Participates in exhibition 'Me, Myself, and I' Exhibition, Art Gallery of Vancouver
    Guest speaker at Engramme Printshop and at Université Laval, Quebec City.