The McMaster Museum of Art

    TH&B: Simon Frank (Canadian, b. Scotland, 1968); Dave Hind (Canadian, b. 1965); Ivan Jurakic (Canadian, b. 1967); and Tor Lukasik-Foss (Canadian, b. 1967)
    BASIN is a sculptural installation located in the garden area adjacent to the McMaster Museum of Art. Built to resemble an archaic industrial billboard, the scaffolding displays a series of steel-plate silhouettes that resemble the Great Lakes. Suggesting a modern ruin, the structure also functions as a trellis for climbing vines that will over time add a verdant natural element to contrast its hard rusted surfaces. The sculpture invites viewers to reconsider the commonly recognizable topography of the Great Lakes as a powerful emblem of environmental and anthropogenic transformation.

    TH&B is the collective authorship of Hamilton-based artists Simon Frank, Dave Hind, Ivan Jurakic, and Tor Lukasik-Foss. Appropriating the moniker of the long defunct Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo railway, since 2008 the team has been collaborating on installations and off-site projects that explore the awkward collision between rural and industrial environments.

    (left to right) Simon Frank, Ivan Jurakic, Dave Hind, Tor Lukasik-Foss
    Photographer: Caitlin Sutherland

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