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    MARQUET, Pierre Albert
    Date: French, 1875-1947
    Marquet was born in 1875 at Bordeaux France. In 1890 he moved to Paris to attend the Decorative Arts School, where he met fello artist Henri Matisse. Marquet began studies in 1892 at the École des Beaux-Arts under Gustave Moreau, a symbolist artist who was a follower of the Romantic tradition of Eugène Delacroix.In these years, Marquet exhibited paintings at the Salon des Indépendants. Although he did not sell many paintings, the artistic community of Paris became aware of his work.

    His early compositions are characterised by a painterly, Fauvist approach. Dismayed by the intense coloration in their paintings, critics reacted by naming artists, including Marquet Fauves, the wild beasts. Although Marquet painted with the Fauves for years, he used less bright and violent colours than his fellow artists, and emphasized less intense tones made by mixing complementaries, thus always as colors and never as grays.

    During his voyages to Germany and Sweden, Marquet painted subjects including: river and sea views, ports and ships, and also cityscapes. Over the course of his career he often returned to the same subjects, even years later, recording subtle differences in the light. At the end of 1907 he stayed in Paris and dedicated himself, together with Henri Matisse, to a series of city views.

    Research compiled by Adam Belovari 3W03 student

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