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    HAYDEN, Michael
    Date: American, b. Canada, born 1943
    Brief Account of Career:
    Michael HAYDEN

    January 15, 1943
    CEO Thinking Lightly Inc., web site

    Recipient: of six Arts Grants, two Architecture Awards and one Artist Award.

    “Intersystems” 1967 with: architect: Dik Zander, poet: Blake Parker & composer: John Mills-Cockell
    “Hayden-Arn Productions, Ltd.” 1969 with Dr. Robert Arn
    “Thinking Lightly, Inc.” 1984

    Board Member:
    “Alliance of Technology and Art” (Director)
    “Video Ring” (Coordinator/Administrator)
    “SoftWareHouse” (Coordinator)
    “The Color Xerox Facility” (Administrator)
    “Soft Arkiv” (Director)
    “Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibits” (Co-Chair)
    “Royal Canadian Academy of Artists” (Elected Member)
    “Luther Burbank Center of the Arts” (Director)
    “California Museum of Art” (Vice Chair)

    Public Exhibitions: since 1965.....
    114 Group Exhibitions
    15 Two Man Shows
    36 One Man Shows

    Public Collections:
    33 (USA, Canada, England, Scotland, Guatemala, Korea & Holland)
    Commissioned Installations: 24
    Museums & Public Galleries
    13 Arts Commissions or Art Councils
    22 Corporation’s Buildings & Facilities
    31 Public Centers, Libraries &“Expos”
    17 Private

    Bibliographic Data: published in;
    62 Catalogues & Special Publications
    81 Magazine Articles
    136 Newspaper Reviews
    11 Video Tape & Film Interviews
    and work detailed in 8 Art Book Publications

    (*) Grants and Awards: Michael HAYDEN
    A Canada Council Bursary Grants - 1966, 1967, 1968, 1970 & 1971.
    B. Ontario Arts Council Grant - 1972.
    C. Canada Council Senior Artist’s Award - 1974, 1979.
    D. Canada Council Project Cost Grant/Sculpture - 1980.
    E. Allied Arts Award: Royal Architectural Institute of Canada -1986

    Instructional Positions: Michael HAYDEN
    A. SEED-Free School, Toronto, Instructor:“Hands-On Access to
    Tools & Techniques”.
    B. New Schools for Art, Toronto, instructor: “Art & Technology”.
    C. Three School for Art, Ontario, instructor: “Contemporary Technology Means For Artistic Ends”.
    D. York University, Downsview, Ont., instructor: “Exploration of New Views and Methods Employed in Contemporary Artistic Expression”. In the
    class, student work was publicly exhibited in commercial art galleries.
    E. Brook University, St. Catherines, instructor: “Video Access”.
    F. Fanshawe College, London: Sculptor-in-Residence: "Creative Electronics” course originated by M. Hayden & Tom Lodge (included instruction of):
    Electronic Music; music theory, theme development & record production.
    Video; produced and broadcast a show weekly for the duration of the two year course.
    Thermal Plastics; use, production & application. Performance and Environmental Art; Over 12 exhibitions, installations and presentations made in 8 cities and venues during the 2 year long course. Art Applications of Contemporary Electronic Technology; students
    explored color xerography, color microfiche, computer graphics, etc.
    The Development of Contemporary Thinking & Modern Art Applications; in which students studied the works of Marshall McLuhan, Buckminster Fuller, Charles Innis, etc.
    N.B. This two year “experimental course study” became an independent department at Fanshawe College, with instructors for each area of study.

    G. I have frequently been a guest lecturer or key note speaker at many conferences and conventions, Colleges and Universities in the US, Canada, Great Britain and Australia, throughout the past 3 decades.

    Art Related Affiliations: Michael HAYDEN

    A. From Jan./67 to Dec./69, Michael Hayden was a partner in INTERSYSTEMS: a legal partnership which also included architect, Dik Zander; poet, Blake Parker; & composer, John Mills-Cockell.
    B. June/69 - Incorporated as MICHAEL HAYDEN ASSOCIATES LTD:
    a proprietorship “created to build, develop, manufacture, acquire & sell works of art & all kinds of related works”.
    C. 1969 - HAYDEN SYSTEMS: Was created to refurbish damage to worn works of contemporary art to ensure that this art remains in satisfactory condition.
    D. (Incorporated 5/16/69) HAYDEN/ARN PRODUCTIONS LIMITED: Hayden joined forces with Dr. Robert Arn) Provided innovative technology for all aspects of electronics for information display and gas discharged technology for the design of complete lighting system for architecture and sculptures in light.
    E. THINKING LIGHTLY INCORPORATED: Was incorporated in California on 8/17/84 for the creation & maintenance of fine art.
    F. Alliance for Technology and Art, INC. (A.T.A.) (Director) - A Canadian affiliation of Experiments in Art and Technology, (E.T.A.)
    G. VIDEO RING: (coordinator) - ‘artists only’ mobile color video facility H. SOFTWAREHOUSE: (coordinator) - A computer terminal system available to the art community dedicated to the accumulation & dissemination of arts information.
    I. THE COLOR XEROX FACILITY: (Administrator) - Located at the Hayden/ Arn facility in Toronto made available to artists only.
    J. SOFT ARKIV (Director) - A federally chartered computer access information & archiving facility developed to service, assist & be run by artists in Canada.
    K. The Art Gallery of Ontario: (Board Member) - Served on Contemporary Acquisitions, Openings, Nominations, Exhibition, & Future Planning Committees.
    L. Canadian Artists Representation (C.A.R.),(Member and National Spokesperson) Organization of visual artists interface between artists & museums, galleries & arts councils & committees that show, purchase or commission their work.
    M. TORONTO ARTS COUNCIL (Board Member).
    N. CANADA COUNCIL ART BANK (Member of the Acquisition Committee).
    O. Royal Canadian Academy of Artists (Elected Member).
    Q. Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (L.A.C.E.) (Board - Co-Chair).
    Dynamic center in Los Angeles for the show casing and support of performance, video and environmental art; such as happenings, etc.

    Exhibitions & Collections: One Man Shows: Michael HAYDEN
    a) ‘65: Four Seasons Hotel (Toronto);
    b) ‘66: Gallery Moos (Toronto);
    c) ‘67: University of (Toronto);
    d) ‘68: Gallery Moos, Art Gallery of Ontario (Toronto), Agnes Etherington Art Gallery, (Kingston), Sheraton Park Hotel (Washington), Scarborough Public Library, Southern Illinois University (Carbondale), Westbury Hotel (Toronto), Rothman’s Art Gallery (Stratford), Mind Excursion Centre (Montreal), Waterloo University;
    e) ‘69: Carnegie-Mellon University (Pittsburgh), Canadian Nation Exhibition (Toronto);
    f) ‘70: York University (Downsview), Buffalo State University, Gallery Moos & The Electric Gallery (Toronto);
    g) ‘71: Galerie Denise René/Hans Mayer (Dusseldorf), The Electric Gallery
    h) 72: Gallery Moos, The Electric Gallery; (Toronto)
    i) ‘73: Winnipeg Art Gallery;
    j) ‘76: Sculpture Now Gallery (New York);
    k) ‘77: Harbour Front Art Gallery (Toronto);
    l) ‘80: ARCO Center for Visual Art (Los Angeles);
    m) 81: Art Gallery of Hamilton, Winnipeg Art Gallery;
    n) ‘82: Gallerie Denise René, Centre Cultural Canadian (Paris);
    o)‘83: The Nickle Arts Museum (Calgary), Trafalgar Square’s Canada House (London);
    p) ‘91: The Annex Gallery (La Jolla), The San Diego Design Center;
    q) ‘94: The California Museum of Art (Santa Rosa),
    r) ‘98: Elle / Lui Salon (Santa Rosa)
    s) ‘99 Paradise Ridge Sculpture Grove (Santa Rosa),
    t) ’09 Santa Rosa Jr. College Art Gallery(Santa Rosa),

    Commissions & Private Collections: Michael HAYDEN
    1967 - “FLAME FOUNTAIN”, commissioned by the Consumer Gas Co. @
    - O’Keefe Centre and later at the Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto.
    National Gallery of Canada. Exhibited “Sculpture ‘67” @ Toronto City Hall
    1968 - “DUPLEX”, commissioned by the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto.
    - “THE GOODMAN PIECE”, @ Marvin Goodman, residence Toronto.
    - “ENVIRONMENT”, commissioned by the Ontario Arts Council, Toronto.
    1969 - “BIG RED SQUARE”, Commissioned by Mr.& Mrs. John Parker, Toronto.
    - “ATMOSPHERE”, A climatic environment @ Cnd’n Nat’l Exhibition,
    - “YORK ELECTRIC MURALS” & “FLOOR/WALL PIECE”, York University, 1970 - “IRRESOLUTE ICON”, Commissioned by the British Arts Council.
    - “BIG RED … ”, “BIG YELLOW …”, & “BIG BLUE SQUARE”,
    Commissioned by Hans Mayer, Dusseldorf, Germany.

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    1971 - “BIG RED CUBE”, commissioned by Mr.& Mrs. J. Fleck, Toronto.
    1973 - “ELEMENTAL MURALS”, Nat’l Science Library, Ottawa, Canada
    1974 - “FOUR NEON KNOTS”, Eaton’s of Canada Executive Offices, Toronto
    - “FLOOD”, a polyurethane, Velour covered sculpture, for Mr. Fred Eaton.
    1978 - “ARC EN CIEL”, Yorkdale Subway Station, Toronto Transit Commission.
    - “ICE WEDGE” @ Ontario Place, for 10th Internat’l Sculpture Conference
    - “ALL THINGS BEING EQUAL”, for the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto.
    1979 - “VERY RED, VERY BLUE”, Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery, Ontario.
    - “TARTAN”, commissioned for the Art Gallery of Hamilton, Hamilton, Ont.
    1981 - “INTERSECT”,for the Nickle Arts Gallery, Calgary, Alberta.
    - “ETALON”, for the Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
    1982 - “GENERATORS OF THE CYLINDER” for Internat’l Jewelry Center, LA
    1983 - “TRIKHA”, for the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Buffalo, NY
    - “HUMBLE PIECE”, for the Deerbrooke Mall, Humble, Texas.
    1984 - “METASTASIS”, for the Preview Pavilion at Expo ‘86, Vancouver, B.C.
    1985 - “WEND”, commissioned by & for Canal Place 2000, New Orleans, LA
    - "HELIX SQUARED" The St Louis Center, St Louis, MO
    - “ENDLESS TOTEM – Homage to Brancusi, Calgary Performing Arts Cntr
    1986 - “INVERTED STELE", by The Security Pacific National Bank,LA
    - “LARGE TRIAD”, for offices of Steven D. Erlich, Architect, Venice
    1987 - “SKY’S THE LIMIT”, United Airlines Terminal 1, O’Hare Airport, Chicago.
    - “ON A ROLL”, for the Tropicana Hotel, Atlantic City, New Jersey.1988 - “FLUME”, for the Warner Center, Woodland Hills, CA
    - “RECIPROCITY” Edmonton Research & Development Park, Edmonton.
    - “PORTE COCHÈRE DE LA LUMIERE”, The Amoco Centre, Calgary.
    - “LUMETRIC PRESENTATION” for “L.A. ALIVE!”, Mark Taper Forum.
    1989 - “CONSEPT”, For Lee Waisler, Montecito CA
    1990 - “CORUSCATION” the Bell Tower, Univ. of California, Santa Barbara,CA
    1991 - “RAINBOW LIGHT INSTALLATION”, for the Design Center, San Diego.
    - “ARCHED CAROM”, at the Beaubien Court, Prudential Plaza, Chicago.
    - “LUMETRIC GYRE”, for the Handtmann Residence, La Cañada, CA
    - “THE SELNA PIECE”, for the Selna Residence, Corona del Mar, CA
    1992 - “HOLOGRAPHIC SAIL”, AGT(Alberta Gov’t. Telephone) Park, Edmonton
    - “TRANSROTATION”, Beechcraft Corp.Western Headquarters, Van Nuys
    1993 - “KRYSTALLOS”, for Jan and George Handtmann, La Cañada, CA
    - “UN MUNDO DE ARCO IRIS”, for Planta Tipica Torres, Guatemala City, 1994
    - “MODULATION/DEMODULATION” Sony Pictures, Culver City
    - “SIGNALIS”, for Silicon Graphics, Inc. (SGI), Mountain View, CA
    1995 - “ARCO IRIS”, for the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), Colma, CA
    1996 - “QUADRILLE”, for Duke Energy Corp., Charlotte N.C.
    - “INTERMISSION” & “HEAVEN”, for Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art:

    1997 - “HAYDEN-ART” for Kalamazoo Public Library System:
    Eastwood Branch ........ (a) “LANTERN MATRIX”,
    (b) CUPOLA & ENTRY (Spectr@Lite) (c) COLLAR (Rectilinear Spectral Mirror)
    Oxford Branch: CLERESTORY & SKYLIGHT (Spectr@Lite)
    Powell Street Branch: FACIA GLAZING, holographic “Gator Grating”
    Washington Square Branch: WALL SCONCES (SpectraSheen Grating)
    Oshtemo Branch ................ (a) “EXCALIBUR” (spectral Obelisk),
    (b) “TIMEBENDER” & (c) holographic “ARCHITECTURAL CONES” 1998 - Kalamazoo Central Library:
    (a) “2•4•2” (Fiber Optics at 8 Internet Surfing Stations),
    (b) “ELECTROLIER” & Holographically enhanced lighting Sconces
    (c) OCULUS COLLAR holographic mirrors dispersing interior spectra
    1999 - “SUNBOW” (60’ holographic sail, on hilltop), Paradise Ridge Winery, CA
    “KAY’S KOLLAR” mirrorized holographic skylight for private residences
    “TRUNCATED WEDGE”- Conference Room of Attorneys Offices
    “6 SUSPENDED SCULPTURES”, “RING” & “COLLAR”, Arden Fair Mall
    2000 - “Patches” Spectr@Lite Glazing, The Triskett Train Station, Cleveland OH
    2001 - “ARPEGGIO” 4 different colored LED diminishing helixes +“Patches”
    Spectr@Lite Glazing, Nashville International Airport’s Parking Garage 2002 - “ZAG”, a side dedicated fiber optic installation on Pedestrian Bridge over
    Santa Rosa Creek, for Vineyard Creek Convention Center, Hotel & Spa.
    2003 - Charles M. Schulz Museum - “CHARLIE BROWN’S KITE, **(with1,000
    linear feet of electroluminescent wire as the string), WOODSTOCK’S
    BIRDBATH, **(with 5 reflection / imaging holograms of Woodstock and
    Snoopy playing Hockey), LUCY’S BASEBALL CAP” (21’ x 14’ ... coated
    with color shifting: bi-chromic paint; supported 8’ above grade, to provide
    shelter for WOODSTOCK’S BIRDBATH).
    2004 Charles M. Schulz Museum - 2 “LIQUID LIGHT” *Drinking Fountains,
    (with a non-articulated reflection diffraction grating, which special
    frequency has been adjusted to acknowledge the refractive index of
    water - thereby causing the Spectral Image to appear on the surface of
    the water).
    2005 - GOSSAMER GALAXIES: created for the Headquarters Office of Radio-
    Shack Corporation, Fort Worth, Texas. 280 transparent, holographically
    treated acrylic 24” Disks, onto each are 36 high flux white LEDs. Disks
    are all supported from 2” mirror-polished Stainless Steel tubing. 16
    independent Infra Red Proximity Sensors throughout the 3 floors cause
    14 dissimilar 3-D programs to be generated over the LED arrays.
    2006 - HOMAGE TO A DERELICT VINEYARD FENCE: Created for “Sculpture
    Sonoma”, at the Paradise Ridge Sculpture Garden.
    2007 - AUGER: Created for “Marijke’s Sculpture Garden”, in Santa Rosa
    2008 - The RAPIDS & LUMETRIC RIVER: LED Sculptures in Light created for
    Entrance/Lobby & Roof of US Bank Tower, Sacramento, CA..
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    Selected Public Collections: Michael HAYDEN
    1) The National Gallery of Canada - “HEADMACHINE”
    2) The Ontario Arts Council - “TWO OPPOSING, REVOLVING CYLINDERS”
    3) York University, Toronto- “FLOOR/WALL”&“ YORK ELECTRIC MURALS”
    4) Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto- “SCAN GASPÉ” (a videotape), Maquette for
    5) Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba- “EXPOSURE” & “ETALON”
    6) Ontario Education Institute, Ontario- “A HYDROSTATIC SCULPTURE”
    7) Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania, PA-“SCAN GASPÉ”
    8) The London Art Gallery, London, Ontario- ‘LIGHT TABLE”
    9) Nat’l Science Library, Ottawa, Ontario- “ELEMENTAL MURALS”
    10) The Everson Museum, Syracuse, NY- “SCAN GASPÉ”
    11) Art Bank, Ottawa, Ont.- “COLLATE”, “DIVE” & “SPIRAL DISINTEGRATION
    12) Ridley College, St. Catherines, Ontario - “TWIST”
    13) Hamilton Art Gallery, Hamilton, Ontario- “TARTAN”
    14) Ontario Dept. Trade & Industry ,Ottawa, Ontario -“INGRID EMERGING”
    15) Van Abba Museum, Eindhoven - “CASUAL FLO-FLOURISH IN THE FRONT”
    16) Kitchener/Waterloo Art Gallery, Ontario-”VERY RED/VERY BLUE”
    17) Nickle Arts Museum, Calgary, Alberta- “INTERSECT”
    18) Security Pacific Nat’l Bank, Los Angeles, CA- “INVERTED STELE”
    19) Max Bell Theatre, Calgary- “ENDLESS TOTEM, HOMAGE TO BRANCUSI”
    20) Art, Science & Technology Centre, Vancouver- “METASTASIS”
    21) Edmonton Technology Centre, Edmonton, Alberta- “RECIPROCITY”
    22) Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow Scotland- “INTERMISSION” AND “HEAVEN”
    23) Fermi Lab, Nat’l Accelerator Facility, Batavia, IL- “PHASE SHIFT II”
    24) AGT Park, Edmonton, Alberta- “LUMETRIC SAIL”
    25) Smithsonian Museum, Washington, DC-“ARANA DE LUMBRE”
    26) Kalamazoo Central Library -“2•4•2”, “ELECTROLIER” & OCULUS COLLAR
    Eastwood Library - “LANTERN MATRIX”, Spectr@Lite ENTRY & CUPOLA
    Alma Powell - FACIA GLAZING & Washington Square - WALL SCONCES
    27) The Nashville International Airport - ARPEGGIO
    28) The Kenneth R. Blackman Conference Center - “ZAG”, on Pedestrian Bridge
    29) Charles M. Schulz Museum - “CHARLIE BROWN’S KITE, 2 “LIQUID LIGHT”
    30) DeMeo Center- DICHROIC SCULPTURE, “CALCITE” Glazing & “LO-STAR”
    Spectr@Dark Skylight Collar
    31) The Museum of Neon Art, LA, CA- “SPIN”
    32) Headquarters, RadioShack Corp., Ft.Worth TX -GOSSAMER GALAXIES, ’04
    33) The U.S. Bank Tower, Sacramento – The Rapids and LUMETRIC RIVER

    Source: Michael Hayden
    Images: (1) Courtesy Michael Hayden; (2) Photo: Kitty de Brauwere