The McMaster Museum of Art

    ALLGOEWER, Michael
    Date: Canadian, born 1954
    2019 McMaster Museum of Art “1514” Hamilton, Ontario
    2017 b Contemporary, “UNTITLED” Hamilton, Ontario
    2015 b Contemporary, “TERRAIN VAGUE” Hamilton, Ontario
    2012 b Contemporary, “GHOSTS” Hamilton, Ontario
    2011 b Contemporary, “ARCHITECTURE” Hamilton, Ontario
    2010 Transit Gallery, “ICONIC”, Hamilton, Ontario
    2009 Hamilton Artists Inc, “EMPIRE” [member’s space exhibition]
    2008 Transit Gallery, “PHASES, MARKERS, TANGENTS”, Hamilton, Ontario
    2006 Transit Gallery, “CONTINGENT”, Hamilton, Ontario
    Grimsby Public Art Gallery, “ISLANDS”, Grimsby, Ontario
    2004 Transit Gallery, “AVATARS & ALLUSIONS “Hamilton, Ontario
    2003 Transit Gallery, “VIGILANCE “, Hamilton, Ontario
    1999 Glenhyrst Art Gallery, “SUSPENDED ENCOUNTER”, Brantford, Ontario
    Glenhyrst Art Gallery, “HEARTWOOD”-outdoor installation, Brantford, Ontario
    1998 Art Gallery of Hamilton, “THRINOS”, Hamilton, Ontario
    Hamilton, “TRESPASS”, site-specific installations, Hamilton, Ontario
    1996 Grant Gallery, “HISTORIA”, Hamilton, Ontario
    1995 The Library, Preston Branch, “UNCERTAIN SIGNS”, Cambridge, Ontario
    1994 Earl’s Court Gallery, “SMALL ABSTRACTIONS”, Hamilton, Ontario
    Carnegie Gallery, “UNFINISHED JOURNEYS”, Dundas, Ontario

    2012 Ice Follies 2012, “STRIKE” North Bay, Ontario
    2011 Kunstmuseum Muhlheim/Ruhr, “Epikur Hotel” Germany
    Renann Isaacs Gallery, “SEEING RED” Guelph, Ontario2011
    b Contemporary, “Scape” Hamilton, Ontario
    2009 Transit Gallery, “4 PAINTERS”, Hamilton, Ontario
    2007 McMaster Museum of Art, “UNKOWN SPACES”, Hamilton, Ontario
    2006 Transit Gallery, “START ‘06>”, Hamilton, Ontario
    2005 Transit Gallery, “MASS TRANSIT”, Hamilton, Ontario
    2004 Art Gallery of Hamilton, “FUTURE CITIES” DIDACTIC MUSEUM, Hamilton
    2002 Art Gallery of Hamilton, “REVERENCE’’ – site-specific installation
    Christ Church Cathedral, Hamilton, Ontario
    2001 McMichael Canadian Art Collection, “TRACES OF COLOUR”–site-specific outdoor installations Kleinburg, Ontario
    2000 Zone 6B: Art In The Environment, “site-specific outdoor installations”
    Exile on James Street, Hamilton, Ontario
    1999 Grimsby Public Art Gallery, “OSMOSIS” - collective, Grimsby, Ontario
    Gallery on the Bay, “QUATERNITY”, Hamilton, Ontario
    Burlington Art Centre, “ALMOST/FUNCTIONAL”, Burlington, Ontario
    1998 Carnegie Gallery, “THE UNITED STATE OF ASSEMBLAGE”, Dundas, Ontario
    1997 McMaster Museum of Art, “BY OSMOSIS”, Hamilton, Ontario
    Forest City Gallery, “GAUGE”, London, Ontario
    Niagara Artists Company, “SUB-MYTH”, St. Catherines, Ontario
    The Observatory, “FATHER…SON”, Hamilton, Ontario
    1996 The Art Gallery of Hamilton, “DEFINING THE SITE: ARTIST’S BENCH PROJECT” Hamilton, Ontario
    1995 Service Hardware Gallery, “IN ESSENCE”, Guelph, Ontario
    1994 The Hamilton Artists Inc., “SUBCONCIOUS MYTHOLOGIES”, Hamilton, Ontario

    2001 McMichael Canadian Art Collection, Kleinburg, Ontario

    2000 Ontario Arts Council, Visual Arts Grant [$3000]
    1993 – 2002 Ontario Arts Council, Exhibition Assistance Grants

    Hamilton Artists Inc. Artist member, President:
    Board of Directors 1994-96, 2003-2007
    Jury member OCA jury for grant allocations -1998
    Glenhyrst Art Gallery of Brant, Brantford
    Juror, annual juried show, 2000

    COLLECTIONS: Private collections in Canada, USA & Germany

    ONGOING PROJECTS: DIDACTIC MUSEUM collaboration with Maggie Martineau

    2007 McMaster Museum of Art, Carol Podedworny, “UNKNOWN SPACES”
    2004 Art Gallery of Hamilton, Insights-Future Cities Edition
    2003 Hamilton Artists Inc., I. Jurakic and S. Madill, “ZONE 6B: Art in the Environment”
    2000 Exile on James Street, Shirley Madill and Craig Wells.
    1999 Grimsby Public Art Gallery, Shirley Madill “OSMOSIS: shapeshifting"
    Glenhyrst Art Gallery, Dianne Bos “HEARTWOOD”
    Burlington Art Centre, Dawn White Beatty “ALMOST FUNCTIONAL”
    1998 Art Gallery of Hamilton, Christopher Jackson “THRINOS”
    1997 McMaster Museum of Art, Kim Ness “BY OSMOSIS”
    1995 Hamilton Artists Inc., V. Jane Gordon “DEFINING THE SITE”

    Photo: Jeff Tessier