The McMaster Museum of Art

Sorted AscendingTitleDateRelated People Object Number
Scene with Two Standing Menearly 20th CenturyUNKNOWN INUIT1995.040.0012
Sealbefore 1960UNKNOWN INUIT1980.005.0052
Sealn.d.UNKNOWN INUIT2018.001.0305
Seal Floatbefore 1960UNKNOWN INUIT1980.005.0045
Seated Manbefore 1960UNKNOWN INUIT1980.005.0042
Seated Manbefore 1960UNKNOWN INUIT1980.005.0044
Seated Womanbefore 1959UNKNOWN INUIT1980.005.0032
Small birdn.d.UNKNOWN INUIT2018.001.0306
Standing Gooseearly 20th CenturyUNKNOWN INUIT1995.040.0007
Standing owl, head turned to side20th CenturyUNKNOWN INUIT1998.011.0045