The McMaster Museum of Art

Sorted AscendingTitleDateRelated People Object Number
Heads of six walrusearly 20th CenturyUNKNOWN INUIT1995.040.0005
Kayakearly 20th CenturyUNKNOWN INUIT1995.040.0014
Kneeling Manbefore 1960UNKNOWN INUIT1980.005.0043
Lone Sealearly 20th CenturyUNKNOWN INUIT1995.040.0006
Man with Sealbefore 1959UNKNOWN INUIT1980.005.0034
Narwhalearly 20th CenturyUNKNOWN INUIT1995.040.0008
Ookpikn.d.UNKNOWN INUIT1996.020.0014
Packing Doll, Sednan.d.UNKNOWN INUIT1996.020.0013
Pair of Ptarmiganearly 20th CenturyUNKNOWN INUIT1995.040.0009
Pair of Standing Geeseearly 20th CenturyUNKNOWN INUIT1995.040.0010