The McMaster Museum of Art

Sorted AscendingTitleDateRelated People Object Number
bowl (Middle Bronze Age II)1900-1700 BCPALESTINIAN1960.001.0012A
Bulbous unguentariumlate 1st Century BC-early 1st Century ADPALESTINIAN1960.001.0001A
cylindrical juglet (Middle Bronze Age IIB-C)1730-1550 BCPALESTINIAN1960.001.0018A
handleless jar (Early Bronze Age)3150-2200 BCPALESTINIAN1960.001.0015A
jug (Iron Age)1200-1000 BC or laterPALESTINIAN1960.001.0005A
jug (Iron Age)11th-7th Century BCPALESTINIAN1960.001.0006A
jug (Iron Age)9th-7th Century BCPALESTINIAN1960.001.0014A
jug or 'decanter' (Iron Age II)870-721 BCPALESTINIAN1960.001.0013A
jug, or loop-handled dipper flask (Middle Bronze Age)2000-1500 BCPALESTINIAN1960.001.0007A
juglet (Iron Age I)1200-1000 BCPALESTINIAN1960.001.0010A