The McMaster Museum of Art

Sorted AscendingTitleDateRelated People Object Number
alabastron (Late Helladic IIIA-B)14th Century BCGREEK, MYCENEAN1940.001.0001A
Media File Amphora-shaped glass flask3rd-4th Century1995.020.0060A
Media File Amphoriskosn.d.1995.020.0086A
Media File Beaker2nd-3rd Century1995.020.0054A
Media File Beaker2nd-3rd Century1995.020.0133A
Media File Beaker with trailed and tooled decoration1st-2nd Century1995.020.0068A
Beaker with trailed decoration4th CenturySYRO-PALESTINIAN1951.001.0001A
Media File Beaker, possibly a ‘Sturzbecher’, with wheel-cut lines1st-2nd Century1995.020.0058A
Media File Bell-shaped bowl with criss-cross tooling on the foot1st Century1995.020.0129A
Black-figure palmette kylix (Classical)475-450 BCGREEK194X.001.0001A