The McMaster Museum of Art

Sorted AscendingTitleDateRelated People Object Number
Media File Beaker, possibly a ‘Sturzbecher’, with wheel-cut lines1st-2nd Century1995.020.0058A
Media File Bell-shaped bowl with criss-cross tooling on the foot1st Century1995.020.0129A
Black-figure palmette kylix (Classical)475-450 BCGREEK194X.001.0001A
Media File Body of a pyxis8th Century BCLEVANTINE1995.020.0106A
Media File Bottle3rd-4th CenturyROMAN, SYRIAN1995.020.0011A
Media File Bottlen.d.UNKNOWN1995.020.0024A
Media File Bowl3rd Century1995.020.0014A
Media File Bowl1st-4th Century1995.020.0071A
bowl (Middle Bronze Age II)1900-1700 BCPALESTINIAN1960.001.0012A
Media File Bronze fibula2nd-4th Century1995.020.0103A