The McMaster Museum of Art

Primary media Name Nationality Date
Media FileMARTINET, AaronFrenchFrench, 1762 - 1841
Media FileMARUYA SEIBEI, JapaneseJapanese
Media FileMASEREEL, FransBelgianBelgian, 1889 - d. France 1972
Media FileMASLOV, G.
Media FileMASON, Robert V.CanadianCanadian, 1933-2005
Media FileMASSEY, JohnCanadianCanadian, born 1950
Media FileMASSON, Henri LéopoldCanadianCanadian, 1907-1996
Media FileMaster of the Grüninger WorkshopGermanGerman, 16th century
Media FileMASTERS, Barry OwenCanadianCanadian, born 1945
Media FileMATAK, LydiaInuitInuit