The McMaster Museum of Art

Primary media Name Nationality Date
Media FileGRIGNION, Charles (The Elder)EnglishEnglish, 1721 - 1810
Media FileGROMAIRE, MarcelFrenchFrench, 1892-1971
Media FileGROOMS, Red (Charles Roger)AmericanAmerican, born 1937
Media FileGROSE, Daniel CharlesCanadian, b. EnglandCanadian, b. England, 1838 - 1900
Media FileGROSS, RainerGermanGerman, born 1951
Media FileGROSSMANN, RudolfGermanGerman, 1882-1941
Media FileGrosvenor House Press, Toronto
Media FileGROSZ, GeorgeGermanGerman, 1893-1959
Media FileGROVES, Naomi JacksonCanadianCanadian, 1910-2001
Media FileGRUND, Klaus-DieterCanadian, GermanCanadian, born Germany 1949