The McMaster Museum of Art

Primary media Name Nationality Date
Media FileCHEE CHEE, BenjaminOjibwayOjibway, 1947 - 1977
Media FileCHEECHOO, ShirleyCreeCree, born 1952
Media FileCHEN Da JunChineseChinese
Media FileCHERRY, Edward J.Canadian, born EnglandCanadian, born England, 1886 - 1960
Media FileCHIKANOBU, ToyoharaJapaneseJapanese, 1838 - 1912
Media FileCHILLIDA, EduardoSpanishSpanish, 1924 - 2002
Media FileCHINESEChinese
Media FileCHINESE, Ming DynastyChinese
Media FileCHINESE, Ming Dynasty, Zhengde period
Media FileCHINESE, Qing Dynasty