The McMaster Museum of Art

Primary media Name Nationality Date
Media FileANONYMOUS Japanese SchoolJapanese
Media FileANONYMOUS, (English School)
Media FileANONYMOUS, (Meigi?)
Media FileAOUDLA PeeInuitInuit, born 1920
Media FileAPPEL, KarelDutchDutch, 1921-2006
Media FileAPPIAN, Jacques Barthélemy AdolpheFrenchFrench, 1818-1898
Media FileAQIGAAQ, MathewInuit, b. near Kazan Falls, NunavutInuit, b. near Kazan Falls, Nunavut, 1940
Media FileARBUCKLE, George FranklinCanadianCanadian, 1909-2001
Media FileArctic Experience McNaught Gallery Inc.
Media FileARMAN, Armand FernandezFrench; AmericanAmerican, born France, 1928 - 2005