The McMaster Museum of Art

    LONN, Howard
    Date: Canadian, born 1959
    Born Toronto, 1959
    Toronto based painter Howard Lonn graduated from OCAD in the early 1980’s. Following his studies he lived and worked in Toronto, Montreal, Barcelona and Berlin.
    Has exhibited in Toronto, New York, Barcelona, and Madrid.

    Ontario College of Arts, Toronto, A.O.C.A, 1981

    Solo Exhibitions
    Nicholas Metivier Gallery, Signals Back to the World, 2012
    Nicholas Metivier Gallery, Paintings, 2010
    Nicholas Metivier Gallery, Silent Running, 2007
    Sable-Castelli Gallery, Paintings, 2004
    Sable-Castelli Gallery, Works on Paper, 2003
    Sable-Castelli Gallery, 2002
    Espai 292, Works on Paper, Barcelona, 2000
    Linda Genereux Gallery, 1995
    Lake Galleries, Toronto, 1992
    Galería 57, Madrid, 1992
    49th Parallel, New York, 1991
    Galería Senda, Barcelona, 1991
    Mercer Union, Toronto, 1988
    Forest City Gallery, London, On, 1988
    Gallery 76, Toronto, 1985

    Group Exhibitions and Art Fairs
    60 Painters, Toronto (Etobicoke), Humber College, 2012
    Carnival, Nicholas Metivier Gallery, Toronto, 2011
    Delinear, Barbara Edwards Gallery, Toronto, 2011
    Nicholas Metivier Gallery, TIAF 2010
    Nicholas Metivier Gallery, Pulse New York, 2009
    Nicholas Metivier Gallery, Art Miami, 2008
    Nicholas Metivier Gallery, TIAF, 2008
    Nicholas Metivier Gallery, ARCO Madrd, 2007
    Nicholas Metivier Gallery, Paper, Toronto, 2006
    Nicholas Metivier Gallery, Kinesis, Toronto, 2005
    McMaster Museum of Art, “Translinear”, Hamilton, On, 1999
    Linda Genereux Gallery, “Insalata Mista” 1995
    “Mud” Artist organized group show, Toronto, 1994
    Art Gallery of Hamilton, “Nature/Culture”, 1993

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    Art Gallery of Ontario, McMaster Museum of Art, Art Gallery of Hamilton, Sun Life of Canada, Royal Bank of Canada, Torys, Toronto, Encana Calgary
    Private collections in Toronto, Montreal, Barcelona, Madrid, New York

    Source: Howard Lonn
    Photo: Christina Gapic