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    LEHEUTRE, Gustave
    Date: French, 1861-1932
    Gustave Leheutre was born at Troyes France in 1861. The artist studied painting under Gervex, Humbert, and Carrière, and was associated with the Nabis. In 1892 Overwhelmed by a set of Whistler etchings exhibited by Georges Petit, Leheutre abandoned painting to pursue printmaking. Leheutre's first prints were made in 1893 and most depict landscapes or cityscapes. During his life he produced 160 etchings, seven drypoints and three lithographs. He was most profoundly influenced by James MacNeill Whistler. While most of Leheutre's prints concentrate on landscapes that depict intimate scenes of French urban and rural life. His later work was mostly rendered in oil, with a focus on close-up figure studies. Leheutre's work during this period became rather impressionistic and appears quickly rendered almost as if capturing a single moment in time. In analyzing such later work, one can definitely make the connection with the work of Impressionist artist Mary Cassatt, who was practicing at the same time period as Leheutre.

    Research compiled by Adam Belovari, Humanities student, 2009

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