The McMaster Museum of Art

Sorted AscendingTitleDateRelated People Object Number
Media File A Black Vest1985SCOTT, Louise1993.031.0006
Media File A Small Bird1985SCOTT, Louise1993.031.0005
Media File Before the Wedding1975SCOTT, Louise1993.031.0004
Media File Headmid 20th-late 20th CenturySCOTT, Louise1996.007.0018
Media File Le Buffetmid 20th-late 20th CenturySCOTT, Louise1996.007.0015
Media File On a Train1983SCOTT, Louise1996.007.0016
Media File On a Train (Plate)1983SCOTT, Louise1996.007.0020
Media File The Violinist (Plate)mid 20th-late 20th CenturySCOTT, Louise1996.007.0021
Media File Umbrellasmid 20th-late 20th CenturySCOTT, Louise1996.007.0019
Media File Untitled Column (painted on 5 sides)1984SCOTT, Louise1991.005.0004