The McMaster Museum of Art

Sorted AscendingTitleDateRelated People Object Number
Media File Buried Fence1985JONAS, Joan1998.013.0003
Media File Buried House1985JONAS, Joan1998.013.0011
Media File Glacial Debris1985JONAS, Joan1998.013.0002
Media File Inquisitive1985JONAS, Joan1998.013.0005
Media File Lava Flow1985JONAS, Joan1998.013.0007
Media File Résonnance1985JONAS, Joan1998.013.0001
Media File Shelter1985JONAS, Joan1998.013.0006
Media File Streams & Mountains1985JONAS, Joan1998.013.0009
Media File Two Horses1985JONAS, Joan1998.013.0010
Media File Vapours Rising1985JONAS, Joan1998.013.0008