The McMaster Museum of Art

TitleDateSorted AscendingRelated People Object Number
Secure in Mother's Arms1982ODJIG, Daphne2012.004.0013
Nativity Scene2009ODJIG, Daphne2012.004.0014
Media File Thunderbird Dancer1979PAUL, Tim1991.017.0006
Media File Echoes of Survivalmid 20th-late 20th CenturyPAUL-DENE, Simon1991.017.0002
Media File Native Manc. late 1990sPOITRAS, Jane Ash2012.004.0039
Media File Medicine Gribe1974RAY, Carl1976.014.0001
Media File Familymid 20th-late 20th CenturyRAY, Carl1988.009.0001
Media File Evil Serpent1975RAY, Carl1988.009.0002
Media File Ducksmid 20th-late 20th CenturyRAY, Carl1988.009.0003
Media File Two Wolves1973RAY, Carl2012.004.0007